Greenpeace Canada Reaction to Fossil Fuel Subsidy Announcement

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OTTAWA – In response to today’s announcement by the the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault, of a phase out of inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, Greenpeace Canada senior energy strategist Keith Stewart said:

“While we are pleased to see that some taxpayer support for oil and gas companies is being eliminated, we’d like to remind the federal government that there are no ‘efficient’ subsidies for fossil fuels in an era of both record-breaking climate disasters and oil industry profits, and especially not for unproven technologies like carbon capture. Given Canada’s record, the commitment to end public finance for the fossil fuel sector is significant and we will continue to push for rapid and ambitious action on this file. Under no condition should the federal government cave to the industry lobby for new subsidies, including those for fossil gas export projects under the guise of phony credits.” 


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Laura Bergamo, Head of Media, Greenpeace Canada; +1 438 928-5237 

Greenpeace Canada Reaction to Fossil Fuel Subsidy Announcement

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