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Their entire fleet of busses use clean-burning fuel and avoids idling to cut carbon emissions.

We’ve done a lot in recent years to reduce our carbon footprint, both on the road and in our stations and offices. And we’re going even ‘greener’ wherever we can…


Traveling on a bus (like a Greyhound), is actually the smallest carbon footprint of any mode of transport. (Bikes and walking excluded!)

If you took a Greyhound bus instead of your car, you’d reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by around 85%. That’s pretty huge. And it’s true for 1 person traveling alone, or even two buddies going together.

If you’re thinking about traveling with Greyhound instead of flying, that’s a good move, too. Even if there are two of you, you’ll cut carbon emissions by 55-77% if you travel by bus (plus, it’s way better for the wallet).


And now, for the technical, geeky bit on eco technology…

All new Greyhound buses are built with the latest emissions-reducing parts. And our refurbished buses have been given the green treatment too – with upgrades that help increase engine efficiency and fuel economy. Low-sulfur fuel & fuel economy and Diesel particulate filters.

Using our modern vehicles most

Idle management systems


You probably won’t notice all the little things we’re doing in our stations to save energy and resources – because they’ve all become second nature (especially our super-green landscaping).

Saving electricity

Environmentally-friendly landscaping

Recycling cooking oil


We started a ‘small changes, big difference’ campaign in our head office and the mantra’s worked, with little improvements adding up to a much greener working environment. Here are just a few of the ways we’re saving energy and reducing waste, every day.

Not a paper cup in sight

Recycling our electronics

Reducing water waste

Motion-activated lights

Motion-activated paper towel dispensers

Did you know more than half of the air pollution comes from cars, SUV’s and  trucks?  Greyhound is an inexpensive, convenient and comfortable alternative to ridesharing. These might all seem like common sense things, but when you add them

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