High Wet Bulb Globe Temperatures hit the US again

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Temperatures are high

Globally, temperatures have been at record high levels for the time of year for some time in 2023, as illustrated by the image below, adapted from Climate Reanalyzer. 

On August 25, 2023, the world temperature was 16.99°C, 0.94°C higher than it was on that day in 1979-2000. 

Extreme heat stress alert

High Wet Bulb Globe Temperatures hit the U.S. over a large area, over a long time. 

Wet Bulb Globe Temperatures were forecast to be as high as 95°F or 35°C in Lufkin, Texas, on Monday August 21, 2023 at 4 am Central Time.

Wet Bulb Globe Temperatures as high as 35°C were also forecast to be reached in Topeka, Kansas on the same day and at the same time, as illustrated by the image below.

The image below shows forecasts for August 24, 2023, measured as temperature (left), apparent temperature (center) and wet bulb globe temperature (right), three areas with high values marked by squares, circles, and stars, respectively.  

For descriptions of the various ways temperature can be measures, also see the earlier post Extreme Heat Stress
Unbearable conditions
The images further illustrate that, as temperatures rise, conditions are increasingly occurring that make it hard, if not impossible for many species (including humans) to survive, even at relatively high latitudes. This danger has been discussed in many earlier posts, such as in Humans may be extinct in 2026 and Two Tipping Points
In the video below, Guy McPherson gives his views on the situation.


The situation is dire and is getting more dire every day, which calls for a Climate Emergency Declaration and implementation of comprehensive and effective action, as described in the Climate Plan with an update at Transforming Society.


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