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McCarthy is dedicated to sustainability in all its operations and builds net zero energy buildings that create as much renewable energy on site as they use.

Evolving Green Building

We’re happy to have played our part in the evolution of sustainable construction and green building and to have been named one of the top green builders in the country. But we’re not just a “sustainable building company”— we’re commercial builders whose commitment to environmental responsibility is ingrained in the way we think, from the Design Phase through Post-Construction. Creating innovative structures that blend form with function, in harmony with the environment. It’s an approach we wholeheartedly believe in, on behalf of our clients and partners. Through leadership in the sustainable building movement and with the U.S. Green Building Council, McCarthy employees are active participants in the sustainability dialogue. 

Net Zero Energy Buildings

Our leadership in the net zero energy movement is our latest in taking sustainable building to the next level. Net zero energy buildings produce as much renewable energy onsite as they use on an annual basis, meaning these buildings are able to thrive solely on the energy they create. McCarthy stands at the forefront of this movement in the construction industry and has the vision, insight and skills to design and build these projects for our clients

Our Leaving Green Footprints® mission statement really says it all …

We believe the choices we make are not just for today … not just for ourselves or our clients. The choices we make together will leave a legacy for those who will follow us and create new footprints on this earth.

Our goal is to be the Best Builder in America. Inherent in this statement is the responsibility to serve as stewards of the environment entrusted to us. Our commitment revolves around four basic principles:  

  • Weaving sustainability into the fabric of all company operations
  • Encouraging every client and building partner to seriously consider sustainable building practices
  • Bringing viable green building solutions to the table
  • Educating and training our employees to give them the tools to lead the way

Our business is to build. It’s up to each of us to do it responsibly.

About McCarthy

Established in 1864, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. has a long history of building facilities that drive greater value. From exceptional levels of quality and safety — to ease of maintenance over time, we are firmly committed to helping our clients and partners achieve the short- and long-term strategic goals of every project we do.