Become a Climate Change Institute Sponsor

The Institute makes it easy and affordable for businesses to become a sponsor and join the fight against climate change.

  • There are no complicated contractual arrangements or hidden fees.

Small Business Plan Sponsorship

$100 monthly subscription

10 x Tonnes Offsets per month

Enterprise Plan

$400 monthly subscription

100 Tonnes Offsets per month

Medium Business Plan Sponsorship

$200 monthly subscription

50 x Tonnes Offsets per month

Corporate Plan

$800 monthly subscription

200 Tonnes Offsets per month

With the Climate Change Institute you can obtain your carbon offsets every month and pay as you go. This enables companies to offset their emissions right away without having to pay up front for an entire year. Choose a plan to suit the size of your business.

When you obtain your offsets through the Institute you can gain wide public exposure for your climate friendly efforts. We support our subscribers by regularly publishing their company information and how they are reaching their sustainability goals to our 750,000 social media followers.

As a sponsor, you are eligible to display the Climate Change Institute labels on your website, ads, packaging and anywhere where people come in contact with your brand.

This is a monthly Paypal subscription where receive tonnes of CO2e offsets each month.

  • There are no long term commitments.
  • Pay by the month, cancel anytime.

The Institute uses the PayPal subscription service and you do not give us your credit card details. These are held securely by paypal and gives you buyer protection with ability to cancel the subscription yourself at any time.

You will receive a Carbon Offset Certificate and be issued every month with the serial numbers of the offsets units you are purchasing. Each is equivalent to one tonne of CO2-e and has a unique serial number listed on the Gold Standard Registry.

You pay each month via PayPal, which is a secure platform that offers buyers protection and the ability to readily cancel subscriptions themselves.

When your sponsorship is activated, you will be sent an invoice for monthly payments and issued with carbon offset certificates and serial numbers.

You can provide us your company information to be broadcast through our social media network to hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Sponsors are eligible to display our logos on their website, ads, packaging and anywhere where people come into contact with their brand.

Choose from a range of merchandise at theĀ print shop that best suits your business

Get customised labels to display on your products

Items can be customised with your company name and message

Logos can be customised with your name & logo

Go Net Carbon Negative

If your company’s emission are lower than the amount that you offset, it means that their company operations are actually removing more carbon than they emit.

This makes you use the eligible carbon negative logo in your advertising.

In order to to measure your company’s emissions, you must use either the Institute’s standards (which are provided at no charge) or another recognised standard. Emissions and offset data must be properly documented and made available upon request.

The  GHG Accounting Tutorial and Resources provided by the Institute enables businesses to conduct a thorough emissions survey.

Be rewarded for your contribution to fighting climate change

Let the public know that your company is climate friendly and fighting climate change. Give us information about your company and products that we can broadcast over our network. Provide us with regular updates and we will let our the public know you are a climate friendly company.

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