Support the Institute

Support the Climate Change Institute and verified carbon removal projects.

Every donation receives a Carbon Offset Certificate which finances UNCDM verified carbon removal projects.

Each certificate represents 1 Tonne of C02 removed or avoided from the atmosphere.

This is enough to fill 500 Fire Extinguishers, or a cube 10 meters tall x 10 metres wide, with the same weight as 400 bricks.


Your donation helps the Institute and directly fights climate change by financing UNCDM projects to remove carbon from the atmosphere. You will receive a Carbon Offset Certificate for one Tonne of CO2.


Become a Sponsor and receive carbon credits to offset your emissions. Gain recognition for supporting initiatives to reduce emissions and drive sustainable development.

Gift Certificates

Make a donation on behalf of a friend or family member as a gift, and they will receive a Carbon Offset Gift Certificate in their name.

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