Unforced variations: Feb 2024

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This month’s open thread for climate topics. This month’s climate highlight will likely be the PACE launch at some point between Feb 6th and Feb 8th, that will hopefully provide information on aerosols and ocean color with more detail than ever before. Fingers crossed!

A few notes on the blog and commenting. We have an open thread (this one!) for random discussions or new topics. Comments on specific posts should be related to the topic. Random contrarian nonsense is just going to get deleted (as are the complaints about it). Additionally, excessive and argumentative commenting is tiresome – remember this is a blog and (almost) no-one reads the comments, but they never will if it’s dominated by only one or two people shouting past each other. Please stick to the one substantive comment per day rule if you can (and the moderation will help if you can’t).

Secondly, there have been some complaints about the lack of comment previews (which we used to have) and the lack of ability to move nonsense to the Crank Shaft or Bore Hole threads. This functionality was provided by old plugins that worked really well until they didn’t. The ‘Ajax Comment Preview’ plugin hasn’t been updated in years and no longer works at all, and the move comment plugin we used has been identified as being a security risk. If readers know of alternatives that are being actively developed and keeping up with WordPress versions, please let us know, we will be happy to try them out.

Thanks for continuing to engage with the topics and ideas here.

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