United Airlines

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The airline invested more than $16 billion to replace all of its airplanes with more fuel-efficient models and looks to continually lower its carbon emissions.

Our environmental commitment

United is committed to reducing our emissions. We’re embracing a new goal to be 100% green by 2050 by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions 100%. And we’ll get there not with flashy, empty gestures, but by taking the harder, better path of actually reducing the emissions from flying. We (also) realize there’s a limit to what a single company can do alone. That’s why we are continuing to seek opportunities to collaborate with other industries. We must reach across industries to develop coordinated efforts to accomplish what must be our collective goal of carbon neutrality.”

— Scott Kirby, Chief Executive Officer

Our path to carbon neutral

As an industry that depends on fossil fuels to operate, we recognize our contribution to climate change and our responsibility to help solve it. Our shared purpose of “Connecting People. Uniting the World,” is no longer enough. We want to ensure the world has a future, as well. We are committed to investing in innovative technologies that will measurably reduce the speed of climate change. United has done this by committing to sustainable aviation (SAF). Some of the ways we’re decarbonizing aviation and making sustainability the new standard in flight:

United wins Air Transport World’s (ATW) 2021 Eco-Airline of the Year award

“United is honored to be recognized for the industry-leading steps we have taken to decarbonize travel by ATW as its Eco-Airline of the Year. United has committed to purchase more sustainable aviation fuel than nearly the rest of the world’s airlines combined. We’ll need the world to come together to solve this global problem and that’s why we created the Eco-Skies Alliance to allow like-minded companies and individuals to help us invest in even more sustainable aviation fuel. These new ideas are a product of the innovative thinking that is at the core of United’s culture, and it’s never been more important or more timely for us to apply this expertise to help save our planet.” – Scott Kirby, Chief Executive Officer