Carbon Neutral Subscriptions

Go carbon neutral based on global average emissions with a PayPal Carbon Subscription. You will receive a carbon offset certificate each month which shows that you are financing UN endorsed carbon removal projects to actively fight climate change.

Sponsorship plans from the Institute means that you are issued with carbon credit offset certificates for verified carbon reduction projects.

  • Subscription fees are paid monthly.
  • No long contracts, cancel anytime.

1 Tonne Personal Carbon Neutral Plan – $10 per month

2 Tonne Couples Carbon Neutral Plan – $15 per month

5 Tonne Family Carbon Neutral Plan – $30 per month

10 Tonne Group Carbon Neutral Plan – $50 per month

Based on EPA estimates of 12 tonnes per year for an average person living in a modern economy.

Monthly offset certificate

Every subscriber receives Carbon Offset Certificates each month, and each one is for One Tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.

What is a Tonne of CO2?

The one Tonne of CO2 that is removed by each certificate would be enough to fill 500 fire extinguishers or 8 swimming pools, and have the same weight as 400 bricks.

Carbon Removal Projects

Carbon Offset Certificates finance Verra and Gold Standard projects endorsed by the UN which reduce the amount of carbon going into the atmosphere and drive sustainable development.

Your subscription reduces the amount of carbon going into the atmosphere

You will be issued with a carbon offset certificate each month which shows that you are financing verified projects that reduce emissions as well as creating opportunities for communities in need. They provide jobs, improved infrastructure, and enhanced living conditions  read more

  • Verified carbon reduction projects produce Carbon Offset Certificates which are recorded in International Carbon Registries.
  • They finance activates which remove and reduce greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.
  • They are rigorously scrutinized through an international monitoring and verification process.
UNCDM carbon reduction projects are buying the world the needed to make the transition to low carbon economies
We have recorded our hottest temperatures in 100,000 years – unless we take firm action we will face food & water shortages

Emission Reduction

Your support enables the Institute to offer, free of charge, GHG accounting tutorials and resources to small sized companies for measuring and reducing their carbon emissions. Businesses are responsible for a large amount of emissions, so can make an impact by providing assistance for their transition to carbon neutrality and more climate friendly practices.

Education & Tools

Your subscription helps pay for running the information network and develop ways for individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. We provide accessible tools and knowledge to help people calculate their carbon emissions and take steps towards becoming carbon neutral. To make informed choices that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Climate Advocacy

We can leverage our extensive social media network to publish crucial climate mitigation information to a vast audience daily. By raising awareness and promoting climate advocacy, we create a collective action. Your support helps amplify our voice in the fight against climate change, making sure that the urgency of the issue is heard and acted upon.

The Climate Change Institute is committed to finding solutions by supporting UN carbon reduction projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions whilst supporting sustainable development and providing free training and resources to help individuals and organizations take action to reduce their carbon footprint.

Carbon Offset Certificates are issued by the Climate Change Institute and the Clean Development Mechanism administered by the United Nations Secretariat. They finance verified projects that reduce and eliminate carbon from the atmosphere. UNCDM verified projects earn Certified Emission Reduction units equivalent to one tonne of CO2-e and each has a unique serial number recorded in the UN Registry and displayed on the certificate.

You can also make a one off donation and receive a Carbon Offset Certificate for every $10 you spend

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