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Climate Change Simulator

Virtual Reality Climate Simulator

Using Opensim VR technology to help research and give people a better understanding of the climate change challenges we face. Here is where we lay out research and information about climate change mitigation projects.

  • There is information about all the current projects around the world.
  • There are places where scientific research can be discussed and evaluated.
  • There is an outdoor garden and amphitheatre section.
  • There is a conference section.

Client/Server Application

The Virtual Reality Climate is a multi-user 3D server application. The core software is written in C++. The virtual simulator is 100 acres and can be accessed through the client program where the user becomes an Avatar. They can go to different regions that display climate news and research as well as social media information in 3D.

3D technology

One feature of virtual reality is that it that brings together on one colourful platform internet and social media information. This can be from areas such as web pages, blogs, reviews, videos and anything that can be found on electronic media is able to be presented in 3D as well.