With over 750,000 followers, the Climate Change Institute is a popular source of information and resources to mitigate climate change.

How the Institute helps to mitigate climate change
  • Helping people to better understand how to lower their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral.
  • Providing free GHG accounting tutorials and resources for small businesses to measure and reduce their emissions.
  • Broadcasting vital climate mitigation information through our social media network.

Our tutorials and emission reduction programs have helped thousands to achieve their carbon neutral objectives. Get guidance and advice on estimating your carbon footprint and reducing your emissions.


GHG Accounting Tutorial

The GHG Accounting Tutorial assists businesses to conduct a thorough GHG emissions survey using recognised standards and procedures.


Emission Reduction Program

We offer a free Emission Reduction Program for businesses, with the policies and procedures for their organisation to reduce emissions. 


Carbon Offsets

Going Carbon Neutral means reducing your emissions and offsetting what you cannot entirely eliminate with carbon offsets.

Carbon Offset Certificates finance Verified Projects that reduce and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Each certificate represents one tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere, enough to fill 500 fire extinguishers, or a cube 10 meters tall x 10 metres wide, with the same weight as 400 bricks.Carbon Offset Certificate US$10

Carbon Reduction Projects

Carbon Offset Certificates finance verified carbon reduction projects which are subject to rigorous public registration, inspection and verification process by the UNCDM, Gold Standard, Verra and other registry bodies. These projects slow down the rate of global warming, buying time for the world to make the transition to low-emission economies.

Social Media Network

With hundreds of thousands of followers, we are a popular source of research and information to mitigate climate change – read more

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