Climate Change Institute

The Climate Change Institute, with an online presence now of over half a million followers, is a popular resource for individuals and organizations seeking to go carbon neutral. We assist people and companies to lower their carbon footprint easily and cheaply.

Free resources for companies to measure and reduce their emissions using recognised GHG accounting standards.

Helping people who wish to become carbon neutral by giving them information on the choices they need to make to reduce their emissions and carbon footprint.

  • We broadcast information to mitigate climate change and supporting climate advocacy groups through our extensive social media network.


GHG Accounting Tutorial

The GHG Accounting Tutorial assists businesses to conduct a thorough GHG emissions survey using recognised standards and procedures.


Emission Reduction Program

We offer a free Emission Reduction Program for small business, with customisable templates for the necessary policies and procedures.


Carbon Offset Certificates

These finance Verified Projects that reduce and remove carbon from the atmosphere and compensate for your carbon footprint.

To go Carbon Neutral you must reduce your emissions and offset what you cannot entirely eliminate with carbon offset certificates.

Each certificate represents one tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.

Get the latest Carbon Spot Market prices and avoid paying large fees and commissions.

Take out a monthly Carbon Neutral Subscription and be issued with carbon offsets each month.

Become a Sponsor and enjoy the benefits of your company taking action against climate change.

Verified Carbon Reduction Projects

Projects reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and slow the rate of global warming.

This is buying time for the world to make the transition to low-emission economies.

  • Carbon Reduction Projects are endorsed by the UN and financed by Carbon Offset Certificates.
  • They are subject to rigorous public registration, inspection and verification process.
  • When you buy offsets you are funding projects.

Types of Projects

Wind Power Carbon Offset

Wind Projects produce renewable energy to power homes and industry, keeping hundreds of thousands of...

Solar Power Carbon Offset Project

Solar power projects have the potential that to save burning of millions of tonnes of...

Hydro Power Carbon Offset Project

Demand for electricity is steadily increasing in developing countries and Verified Hydro Projects aim to...

GHG Abatement Carbon Offset Project

GHG emissions such as nitrous oxide (N2O) are an undesired by-product of the industrial production...

Energy Efficiency Carbon Offset Project

The economic stability and social prosperity of developing countries depends upon the sustainable growth of...

Biomass Carbon Offset Project

When organic waste starts to decompose it releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas. In the...

Social Media Network

With hundreds of thousands of followers, we are a popular source of research and information to mitigate climate change – read more

The Climate Change Institute is a registered company name by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. ABN 17 131 065 051

33 Bethlehem St, Cringila NSW 2502 Australia.


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