Utilities One — Doing Great Things with Great Dedication

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Many talented people are forced to leave their native countries in search of a better life. Of course, not all of them achieve outstanding results. However, when perseverance, luck, and hard work come together, they can realize their dreams and achieve their objectives. And this can all become true because their accomplishments push them towards their personal goals and facilitate society’s positive change.

Serghei Busmachiu is one of those people. An immigrant from a post-Soviet country, he received his technical education at one of the universities in Eastern Europe. In his desire to change people’s lives for the better, Serghei realized that it was almost impossible to achieve results in his native country’s realities. It was simply unrealistic to implement his ambitious ideas there. So he crossed the Atlantic and journeyed to America, where he began to work hard to make his dream come true.

Utilities One — Doing Great Things with Great Dedication
Serghei Busmachiu

Serghei founded Moldcable, his first business in the U.S. “Mold” is short for Moldova – Serghei’s small yet proud country of origin. He started small, with only five of his friends, technicians just like himself. He expanded the business to 500 technicians and broadened its reach to operating in 24 states, providing residential and commercial cable installation services for major cable providers.

After achieving success in the cable industry, Serghei searched for his next endeavor to serve the community; that’s how Utilities One’s story began. Utilities One delivers a full range of infrastructure solutions for telecommunications providers, electric utilities, oil and gas sector entities, wireless carriers, engineering companies, and the technology deployment industry.

Part of the Utilities One team

Over the years, Utilities One has evolved into a world-class telecom company, carrying out numerous wireless carriers and telecommunications projects for some of the market’s most prominent players.

“From nothing to something, to everything” exemplifies the guiding principles Serghei uses to conducts his business. He believes that in business, much like in sports, there is no room for empty words.

A fighter proves his strength through his actions – by how he behaves in the ring and the market. Likewise, Utilities One gains the upper hand over and over by proving its effectiveness through the company’s efficiency in carrying out any project, no matter how complex it may seem to be. Even the most massive opponent will fall if you’re fighting smart.

It did not take long for Utilities One to step into the world of major utilities. It is currently serving five large Electric providers, building transmission lines, enabling grid modernization, and delivering industry-leading Smart Grid solutions. It also provides quality substation construction services and aids in natural disaster recovery and storm restoration.

Part of the Utilities One work process

At Utilities One, we firmly stand behind the belief that the energy landscape’s future belongs to renewable energy sources. In this regard, we are actively introducing renewables into our company’s development program, allowing businesses and public organizations to join our eco-friendly initiative.

Our executive team consisting of Sergei Busmachiu and Todd Joncas find the world of energy absolutely fascinating. They brought Jennifer Madgey to aid in our expansion into the solar sector. Her experience lies in general construction and project management, with a strong focus on solar. Naturally, our transition into solar as an EPC is new and exciting as we continue to add to our Professional Services portfolio.

We believe every construction and engineering company should be involved in building a cleaner environment today to ensure a more sustainable tomorrow for generations to come. Utilities One provides a full range of Design/Build EPC services for Wind Farms and Solar Systems nationwide.

New team members getting trained — Serghei is present on the right

With incredible projections for solar solutions and renewables in general through 2050, we are as excited about the industry as becoming a part of the USGCC by taking the Global Climate Pledge. We look forward to contributing our broad expertise to the Chamber and would like to take a moment to thank USGCC for giving us such a fantastic opportunity to make an impact.

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